Entrepreneurship sharing session by Mr.Sai Chin Hock 史进福

Just got back from the entrepreneurship sharing session I posted earlier. The entrepreneurship sharing session by Mr.Sai Chin Hock (史进福先生) was a fruitful one, I personally learnt a few ideas and hope I can put some of them into practice. Below are some the key points I noted from his sharing and some are from his answer during the Q&A session.

Sai Chin Hock, Julies, Start-up, JCI

  • How to form a good Partnership?

Mr.Sai shared some of his experience forming partnership in the early stage of his few start-ups.  One important point he made – find partner with similar “perspective” and same family background. The main reason behind this, according to Mr.Sai, is the capacity of one person in enduring tough time varied according to family background and personality. Individual coming from a wealthy family or “over-caring” parenting tends to have less capacity to endure hardship as compare to those who come from average family, he noted; and hardship is unavoidable in entrepreneurship journey.

He mentioned also frequent communication, thought exchange and experience sharing would help build good partnership.

  • Build the best company, not the No.1 company

Mr.Sai explained the difference between entrepreneur to businessman. According to him, entrepreneur should be a person that own great responsibility of what he do, his products/services should brings values to its customers, and most importantly, entrepreneur should take cares of his staffs as like they are their family members. He said “build the best company, not the No.1 company“, be it big or small company, most importantly he said, we must build a respectable company not just a business that makes money.

Find out more upcoming entrepreneurship sharing session on 品牌と连锁 Branding & Franchise

品牌と连锁 Branding & Franchise

Photo taken from 品牌と连锁 Branding & Franchise

The session will continue in Dec (the exact date has yet to be confirmed), stay tune to our Facebook page for announcement. Thanks.



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