Online Marketing training by William Low – Series 1

William Low, an online business veteran who has been involving in IT business since the dot com boom (since 1995) is doing a series of sharing session on “How to bring our business online and How we can increase our presence on the internet“.

Note: William Low is currently running an event portal –

Top 8 important checklist or items to create Website

William started by sharing the Top 8 items or checklist to create business website. Then, followed by considerations needed in choosing a good domain name. He highlighted a business should NOT rely on one domain but more than one domain (one for corporate website and a few more for marketing purpose or link generation purpose).

Checklist for choosing a good domain name

He gave us a rough ideas on numbers of ways to do online marketing. He highlighted SEO and PPC is the most effective by far to increase online presence based on his experience.

On top of that, William shared a few tips on how to use SEO concept in choosing domain names, and basic concept of SEO, and why SEO etc.

Today session is about a bird view of what online marketing is about. Next session, William will be covering “How to use Google Keywords” which cover how one can use Google Keyword to understand what their potential customer search online and how business can make use of those information to generate sales leads.

Ways to do online marketing for small business

Missed this session? Make sure you follow our Facebook announcement of the next session.



  1. @Frances, thanks!

    We are trying to optimize for this keyword – “Melaka Software Development Company” for our homepage now. So far, the techniques work; we manage to get listed in first page.


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