First month of our internship at BizVise Melaka

Yes, as you know were hires superhero trainees and grow them into full-time staffs as we grow. Here’s what they have to say after their first month with the company.

 First month at BizVise feels like a new born in born in programming. I have been exposed to so many new programming techniques and tricks along with challenging projects. i went from anxiousness to gain confidence after each project and now them to keep coming. Mamadou Diop, fighter-like basketballer, develops database access layer for multinational clients in his first month.

First month at BizVise feels like alot of fun and there is so much more to learn than i thought. It’s a great chance to improve myself and gain more experience. It’s a great working environment where the team members are friendly and they made me feel so comfortable. Hope to gain more confidence with each tasks. Thinakaran, diploma graduates, wrote an application module that send SMS in one week time.

First month at BizVise feel so great. I feel so joyful to wake up early in the morning and go to work, because there is interesting stuff to learn each day.Iam happy with the team, i called them A TEAM OF SUPERHEROES!!! Daberechi Jackson, sales lead planner, helped plan, setup and run a portal for melaka homestays.

First month at Bizvise feels like joining a special class. We learn new things everyday. Somehow it feels privileged to be here. And yeah, I feel comfortable and happy in here. SJ Wu, Malaysia Grand Turismo player representative, come in with zero and now is a hero developer working on HTML5 webs with Visual Studio.


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