Installation Guide for winPOS – The Simple Point of Sales

We have been receiving many request on the winPOS and questions regarding it’s installation. So, we decided instead of answering one by one, we will make an installation guide to make life easier for you.

First off, we have prepared a video tutorial that are ready to guide you through step by step.
Make sure you watch this in HD !

We have also prepared a step by step guide that will guide you through the installation process. Firstly, please logon to the website below go download a copy of necessary files:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 –

dl dotnet

winPos Installation File –

dl winpos

After downloading the necessary file, we can start the installation process.

Firstly, to install Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework, run the set up file that was previously downloaded.

Check and user agreement box and click Next to continue.

When the setup has finished the installation, click finish.

Next up, we will install winPOS. Run the winPos setup file.winpos1

Click Next to continue.

Check the license agreement box and click Next.

Next, enter the user name and the name of the organization. Click Next to proceed.

Click on Install to install the winPOS.

Click Finish to complete the installation for winPOS.

In order for winPOS to work, SQLite needs to be installed.
To install SQLite, navigate to the winPOS folder and locate the SQLite installer folder.sqlClick into the folder and launch the SQLite installer.


Select the installation path.

Select Full Installation option.

Click on Next to continue.

Select and check all the boxes for all the installation options.

Finally, click on Install to install SQLite.
Navigate to the winPOS folder, and select winPOS.wpfwinpos7



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