.NET Micro Framework User Interface Development Framework Review

Did an online research on the user interface development options available for .NET Micro Framework, doing this to evaluate the best option for me in order to proceed on my Hello BizVise project. Here’s what I learn. Basically, there are two main options that we can choose from in developing the User Interface of our .NET MF application.

A) .NET MF WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

.NET Micro Framework provides its own version of WPF, which is a scale down version of the desktop WPF library. This UI framework is provided out of the box in .NET MF SDK under the libraries Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Those who has experience working on WPF XAML will find this library familiar, it comes with all the important layout like GridPanel, StackPanel etc and those fundamental input controls like TextBox, Slider and it even includes the Grid control. 🙂

Having said that, there’s no XAML editor and any drag and drop designer tool provided out of the box. Hence, it’s less user friendly as compare to the desktop WPF XAML development. All the controls and layouts needed to be coded in C#, no WYSIWYG experience. You can find out more about the library at this link – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc533011.aspx

B) Glide

Glide is an open source UI library and designer tool maintained by GHI Electronics. I highly recommend this library as it builds on top of the .NET MF WPF framework which it provides the drag and drop designer tool (missing in the core .NET MF WPF). Below are some of the important links to get started on Glide.

You may also ready this blog post on How I Use Glide in my Hello BizVise Project.


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