Lovit.my produced in premium quality & beautiful cutting. Men & Women fashion clothing. In year 2013, we were hired to custom develop their first online store. This project is one of it’s kind because of the e-commerce purchase flow. Unlike other conventional store where user shop and then pay, they work out their own version of e-commerce flow – shop, order,send, customer test and then only pay; in short, they named it CheckPoint system.

The website is completed with delay. The delay is intentional to make sure the CheckPoint system get introduce to their users in phase. As of the date of writing, the complete CheckPoint system that we put in place is not fully release to public. Stay tune on their website as they open up more features phase by phase.

Elements and Programming Frameworks used in this project:

  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • OpenID login – login with Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc
  • simpleCart
  • MOLPay Integration

Below is the print screen of the Online Fashion Store with Custom Shopping Cart for Lovit.my

Back-end site for admin to change the website page sliders, add products, add customer tag and also image tags etc.

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