About BizVise

From its humble beginning…

In its beginning, BizVise relies solely on referrals for business. We work as partnered or outsourced system integrators in almost every projects we get. When we say ‘we’, it’s actually JeeShen (the founder) working alone at his tatty office table with occasional helps from his fiancée. It was a tough but fruitful journey where ‘we’ meet our clients, form reliable partnerships, attend eye-opening conferences, pitch to venture capitalist, clean the coffee maker…

We have bootstrapped and are running a few projects of our own, our presence can be seen online on blogmakeover.net, melaka3.com, mysoftinn.com, 1mshop.com and some that runs offline.

With consistency and ‘never give-up’ fighting spirit, from its humble beginning, BizVise grew into a small technology startup company, based in Malacca Malaysia, hiring 5 contractual workers and few interns at all time. Over the years, we have accumulate abundances experience from both successful products and failed projects (yes, we have failures, lots of them) in the area of system integration and web application development. Our projects ranged from Environment monitoring system, web based hotel room booking system, custom excel scripts to electronic retail shops.

Meet The Team

JeeShen Lee Founder, Computer Engineer

A serial entrepreneur who has launched 4 different web businesses, graduated first class from computer engineering program. He is “Jack of All Trades but Master of None”; his hand prints scattered all around the companies. Along with Oscar and his team, Jeeshen has delivered projects to multinational companies. Email – jeeshen@bizvise.com

Oscar Tan Je Yi - Melaka Electronic Engineer. Embedded system specialist.

Oscar Tan Robotic and Automation Engineer

A technical geek playing with electronics, codes all day long. When he is not delivering new tech gigs, he’s hanging out with his friends. Email – oscar@bizvise.com

Matthew - Melaka Software Engineer. C# Programmer

Matthew Lim Software Engineer

As a self-confessed techno-gadget addict, Matthew cannot live without anything programmable. Email – matthew@bizvise.com

SangHeng - Web Security Engineer

Sang Heng Web Security Engineer

SangHeng’s background is in Security Technology. Plainly speaking, he is a hacker. He has an innate sense for solving problems (some of which were caused by him breaking things). Email – sangheng@bizvise.com

Marketing Lead

Beng Wee Marketing Lead

Email – bengwee@bizvise.com

Wendy - Customer Happiness Manager

Wendy Customer Happiness Manager

Wendy doesn’t just lead and innovate on our customer relationship program, she also looks out for the rest of us like a good captain. Email – wendy@bizvise.com

YieChin Ad & Media

Yie Chin Ad & Media

Email – yiechin@bizvise.com


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