Marathon Registration System – JCI Malacca Charity Eco Run 2015

This is how we (the programmers) give back to the society, we helped a Non-Profit Organization, JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur in creating a website and online registration system for their upcoming marathon – JCI Malacca Charity Eco Run 2015.

The website is develop to be mobile-friendly.

You can see that the same website show up in difference appearance on different devices.


Please join this coming Marathon on Oct 2015, register at –


Simple Web Design and Programming Project for

More businesses seen the need to have online presence for their offline business; one of the good example is one of our client – who sells and install Uninterrupted Power Supply System. Their core competencies is their understanding of the system and their ability to custom and advice their clients based on the requirements and need.

Below are the print screens of the complete projects. The website is mobile friendly so make presentation to clients on mobile devices like iPad easy. 😉

Yaksha Tattoo Melaka – Web Design for the Master

We were lucky to be chosen to work on the official website of the Master – Yaksha Yen. Yaksha is a famous tattoo master in Malacca, he has carved on the bodies of at least five thousands people!

Yaksha Tattoo - 02 Yaksha Tattoo - 03

Yen is has been a customer of Bizvise since 2010. From his very first website; he has now grow his business to host 3 tattoo artists. produced in premium quality & beautiful cutting. Men & Women fashion clothing. In year 2013, we were hired to custom develop their first online store. This project is one of it’s kind because of the e-commerce purchase flow. Unlike other conventional store where user shop and then pay, they work out their own version of e-commerce flow – shop, order,send, customer test and then only pay; in short, they named it CheckPoint system.

The website is completed with delay. The delay is intentional to make sure the CheckPoint system get introduce to their users in phase. As of the date of writing, the complete CheckPoint system that we put in place is not fully release to public. Stay tune on their website as they open up more features phase by phase.

Elements and Programming Frameworks used in this project:

  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • OpenID login – login with Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc
  • simpleCart
  • MOLPay Integration

Below is the print screen of the Online Fashion Store with Custom Shopping Cart for

Back-end site for admin to change the website page sliders, add products, add customer tag and also image tags etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript., community project

As part of our effort in giving back to society, we are in the midst of creating a web portal that help us find the nearest local Old Folks Home or Orphanage Centers. This portal will later be pass to a guardian that found us to help her in creating the site.


Here’s the print screen of the design and mockup. Stay tune!


Foodive, instagram-like food directory

A Malacca startup,, wanted you to share what you eat with your friends by fusing Instagram with food directory and add social sauce/element into it. We were hired to custom build the web application from scratch.

The website is developed to be mobile friendly, their members (or they called them Foodivers) upload photos of interesting foods they tried and recommend it to their friends. GPS location of the place will be captured while the photo is taken, so other Foodivers are able to find the direction to the recommended place and try it. To provide first class experience to both mobile and desktop users, the website is developed to be responsive, the website will auto layout based on the screen size available and auto adjust itself (see the screen shots below)

Elements and Programming Frameworks used in this project:

  • Mobile Web Development
  • Facebook Login
  • GPS Technology
  • Google Analytics
  • Disqus
  • AngularJS & Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome

Here are some of the snapshots of the completed project. Be sure you visit their website –