Customer Testimonials

BizVise Programmer Hardworks Some of the products we crafted are delivered online or delivered through our partners, hence we do not know all products’ users or even sometime don’t know they exists. if you happen to found us through our products or services, please let us know how our gigs works (in the comment area of this page). We would love to hear from you!
Format: [Product / Service] [Role] [Testimonial] Sample: VMS. Lab Engineer at Qimonda. Love your voltage monitoring system! You are featured or are sharing online through the channels below:

Our Happy Users

“Good. BizVise is quite systematic & organized.
Able to lead MSTS Asia on the progress development of software.”

Chua Siew Hoon, Admin Manager



  1. bitControl. IM Senior Engineer at Contraves. Thanks for the reliable burn-in test control software been using since last year. Running and keep Running everyday 😉


  2. Excel Split & Merge. Analyst @ Acozon. Thank you for the hyper user-friendly software that makes our lives easy like never before! The otherwise tedious and time consuming tasks can now be done fast and effectively 🙂


  3. Project Controls. Your Excel Split and Merge software is a super time saver and has saved me hours on merging manually. Thank you!


  4. JMC Excel is a HUGE time saver. Works great, is very simple and well worth the donation we made. If you need to merge a lot spreadsheets into one you will love JMC Excel. The “people” at the “Other end” are also prompt and friendly. Wish the whole world could be that way.


  5. I am the owner of I hired them to dress up an existing blog for me. They did a great job making my site look professional. I have seen in increase in visitors staying on my site longer to read and browse for more information that relates to house paint and painting projects. Thank you for doing such a great job.


  6. Anti Gravity Divers are a Dive Center based in Krabi Thailand. We needed a make-over for our blog and the service provided was affordable, efficient and most importantly for us, exactly met the specifications we required. Having already increased traffic to our website, the after sales service provided by Jason and his team has been exceptional, with any queries from us answered quickly and clearly. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a website or upgrade an existing one.


  7. I highly recommended JMC Excel. I tried several other solutions before finding JMC Excel and none of them worked. Thanks for making this!!


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