Factory System Integration & Automation

We specialized in computerizing, system-integrating and automating factory sub-systems, bringing component sub-systems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system.

As of now, we have acquired the expertise to deliver turnkey machine monitoring solutions & electrical tester data management solutions.

Given our core competencies in broad range of information technologies and adequate electrical domain knowledge (of our staffs), we could help

  • to improve factory productivity through software automation,
  • to ensure production quality through monitoring solutions,
  • to reduce repetitive routine (e.g data reporting, data extraction) through scripts.

BizVise have invested in development tools and are trained to perform system integration with the following equipment:

  • Advantech Remote IO Modules

Advantech ADAM-4000 series System Integration | Temperature Monitoring | Voltage MonitoringWe are familiar with Advantech Remote IO Modules, our staffs are trained to design and developt using their modules like ADAM-4000 series and ADAM-6000 series.

We have been using Advantech Remote IO Modules since 2005 and have implemented numerous project using these robust remote factory IO modules. Our projects ranged from Distributed Temperature Cycling Machine Temperature Monitoring Solution (winGraph) to Distributed Voltage Monitoring Solution.


  • Keithley Power Supply
  • Votsch Humidity Chamber
  • National Instrument DAQ

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